I’ll Love You For Five Years & Always

I’ll love you for forever.

It’s what we vowed, to choose each other, always.

The hardest part of this process is realizing that our always only lasted five years. For five years, you were the only person I ever wanted. All of my best memories, all of my plans were wrapped up in you.

Five years worth of forever.

I’m still not sure how to wrap my head or my heart around this ending. I am able to let go, knowing that even if others will disagree with me, I have done absolutely everything I could to fight for us — to fight for you. There’s a part of me that’s bitter, broken. Desperately wanting to know what I could have done differently. There will be your list of things of course, things that you’ll say pushed you over the edge. I get that. I know I caused you hurt and I know there were issues with how I handled things. After all, I’m only human.

I’m realizing how much we love differently when we believe it’s forever. I’m realizing how much I enabled and excused the things that happened in our home, holding to my mantra: this is just a season.

It took me a very long time, but I finally realized that circumstances are a season. Choices are not.

I know I’m going to cry every time I hear Ed Sheeran. It’ll take me a while to be able to eat at Cactus again. Starbucks BOGO days will never feel the same. I’ll watch our favorite movies and hear your commentary every time. I know my heart will break fresh every time something new comes up to remind me.

You’ll exist in most of the corners of my life, for five years we did it together.

So I’ll keep loving you, baby, even as I let you go.

I’ll love you for five years & always.

xoxo, B

Why Divorce Is Never An Option In My Marriage

By no means do my husband and I have a perfect relationship, let alone marriage.

We are going on four years in June, two of those spent married. It’s crazy to me how such a small amount of time can hold so many memories: both good and bad.

For a long time, I wasn’t sure we would last. We faced a lot of struggles and a lot of hurt. The word “divorce” got thrown around. Our marriage turned from a place of refuge to a place of war.

There was no miracle that saved us, we put a lot of hard work and prayer into making our marriage go on. We had reached the point where the only thing holding us together was that piece of paper, but we chose to rebuild, and with grace and a lot of support, we saw a renewal of our love and were able to offer each other forgiveness and relationship.

I took away a lot of things from this experience, but the number one decision that made a difference was to say: Divorce is not an option.

Divorce is not an option because it allows for a fallback. It means that if a marriage fails, there is still a socially acceptable alternative. It means that once there’s only a piece of paper holding you together, you might as well make it disappear.

Divorce is not an option because it allows for “what-ifs.” It asks the question “What if this marriage was the wrong decision?” “What if we should have waited?” “What if…?” Allowing the what-ifs encourages dissatisfaction and insecurities in the marriage.

Divorce is not an option because it means throwing the first stone. It means you compare your spouse’s shortcomings to your own and judge them based on the scale of your own design. It means judgement is placed higher than forgiveness in your marriage and that the faults of your partner outweigh their charms.

Divorce is not an option because marriage is a vow. The words themselves are vows, yes, but even bigger than that is the soul binding nature of marriage. You are vowing your life to another person and regardless of how cheaply marriage is portrayed in our society, that is a weighty commitment. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard or read a statement from my peers along the lines of “I’m pretty sure he’s the one, but if it doesn’t work out, there’s always divorce.”

If that’s how you see marriage, your marriage is going to be a hard, rocky road.

There are without doubt necessary reasons for a divorce. It is not up to me to say what those are. But I do know that if you allow divorce to be an option during your marriage, the hard times will be 10x harder than if you go in knowing it is not an option.

When soldiers go into battle, they go in with the expectation that they will win. If they were to go in allowing the option to lose, chances are they will.

Treat your marriage like the most important battle of your life where your only option is to win and don’t be surprised to see victory after victory as you continue on.

xoxo, B

Dear Husband, On Our First Anniversary

Dear Husband,

We did it. One whole year of marriage. A new condo, two new cars, a baby, new jobs, a thousand ups, a thousand downs.

When I stood before you a year ago today and vowed to love and to cherish you til death do us part, I had no idea what I was doing. I had no idea that I was carving out my heart and placing it in your hands for better or for worse.

If I had known then what we would go through together…

I still would have said I do.

I do promise to have and to hold you, even when you push me away. Because you are the only person I trust to do the same.

I do promise to choose you during better, even when marriage seems easy and we are quick to let things slide. Because you are my best friend and there is no one better than you.

I do promise to choose you during worse, even when I can’t make sense of our lives. Because there is nothing worse than doing life without my soulmate.

I do promise to choose you when richer, even when it’s easier to choose ourselves. Because building our life wisely means more than instant gratification.

I do promise to choose you when poorer, even when it’s so hard to agree on the important things. Because where there is love there is a feast.

I do promise to choose you in sickness, even when you yell at me for picking the wrong flavor of emergen-c. Because your well being is not dependent on my pride.

I do promise to choose you in health, and to continue to work together toward physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Because a healthy family is a happy family.

I do promise to love you, even when you hurt me. Because you are the only person with a heart big enough to love me at my lowest.

I do promise to cherish you, even when I feel rejected. Because you are the only person who can look at my broken pieces and call me beautiful.

We have been through a lifetime in a year. There were days when I wasn’t sure how we would ever get here and days when I couldn’t believe how fast time was passing. There were so many things intended to tear us down and break us, but we overcame.

You always tell me that God means for us to be great since the enemy has worked so hard to destroy us. I can’t wait to see what He has in store for this next year. Whatever comes, I know He is with us and He is for us. Through His consistent grace I am learning how to be a wife as I watch you grow in His strength and learn to be a husband.

You are my best friend, the holder of my heart, the love of my life, and the stars in my eyes. I will choose you every day til death do us part.

Thank you for this year and thank you for your love. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

with all my heart, xoxo

– BC

xoxo, B